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Office Design Tips For Improved Productivity In New Zealand Workspaces

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Office Design Tips For Improved Productivity In New Zealand Workspaces

Businesses are always on a mission to improve productivity among their staff. Happy and motivated employees can improve efficiency and boost growth. Designing and building a office space which allows for healthy employee interaction, with access to fresh air and light and comfortable furniture is a need that is recognised widely.


Mix Up Your Spaces

It is a well-known fact that being active and movement within the workspace helps spur creativity, focus more and be productive. Individuals in the office have their own working style and modern offices incorporate multiple spaces and the freedom to move/ adjust things.

Soft seating and modular office furniture provide flexibility for individual styles of working and facilitate better collaboration and communication within the workspace. Breakout areas are growing in popularity and being redesigned as more than just few sofas in the corner. Depending on the workplace priorities, it is now more of an area to relax, unwind, have lunch, hold informal meetings, work quietly, take some time away from the desk, and more.


Natural Light

Instead of having employees walk into dimly lit rooms designing offices that bring in the natural light will create a calm, healthier and a more productive environment. Most workers spend a large part of their day indoors, in artificial light, with little exposure to natural air.

It is little wonder that workers complain of eyestrain and headaches, Natural light has shown to improve worker satisfaction and productivity. Exposure to natural light helps with sleep and better sleep affects every aspect of our life. A refreshed sleep means more concentration and focus on work tasks. Eye strain reduces, headaches and drowsiness are less when employees have access to natural light. Designing offices that get filled with natural light, having common areas like patios, verandahs and balconies allow workers to access natural light at various times of the day.


Green Gold

Access to natural light means less reliance on artificial lights which in turn saves on electricity bills. By adding indoor plants and using paint that reflects the light sets workers up in an area that is welcoming and a joy to be in. Adding plants is known to reduce stress. They help reduce carbon dioxide levels in both airconditioned offices and those that do not have air conditioning. Plant walls, hanging planters, desk plants all are simple options that will help lower stress and anxiety. Caring for plants is known to reduce negative emotions.

If workers are involved in looking after office plants, it is likely to have a calming effect on them. Facilities managers can incorporate plants across their buildings. Touching, looking and feeling plants can be soothing to the senses and help refocus a distracted mind.


Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomically designed chairs, tables, and workstations contribute tremendously to employees being comfortable through the day. With comfortable furniture employees can maintain correct posture, reduce aches and pains, work without injuries and maintain sustained energy through the day. Standing desks are a great alternative to the traditional furniture. Workstations that are flexible and can be adjusted can help employees cater to individual needs. Keyboards that help reduce strain, pivotal monitors that allow users to focus for longer by reducing eye strains and headaches are all tools that can increase productivity.


Sometimes even a small office redesign can make a significant difference to staff comfort, confidence, creativity and productivity. Getting in touch with an office fitout and office furniture specialist can be the timely investment in your business success.

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