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UR Round

U.R is an environmentally considered table system that is highly flexible and versatile. U.R provides a complete “family” of table product options allowing continuity of design throughout any commercial environment.

U.R has been designed with the environment in mind.  Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) were commissioned to determine the most appropriate materials to achieve the desired finishes.  Components produced from materials such as die cast aluminium have been designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure the strongest structure whilst eliminating excess material.  U.R has been designed for 100% disassembly, ready for recycling.

UR Round :

  • Three base sizes depending on table top size :
  • 5 Star base : for tops 750mm – 1000mm diameter
  • 4 Star base : for tops 1050mm – 1300mm diameter
  • Multi 4 star  : for tops 1400mm – 2100mm diameter
  • Optional castors available for 5 & 4 star bases
  • Bases can be used for square tops
  • Base is standard chrome stem with polished feet
  • Top can be manufactured in Melteca / Melamine laminate in a colour / woodgrain of your choice, or veneer / lacquer
  • Folding tables also available


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