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Ring Workspace

Motion Ring provides a great private space for standing meetings. The large 2 way acoustic screens keep the meeting private, while blocking out distracting workplace sounds from the outside.

Motion Office panels have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.76 which means that 76% of the sound wave entering into the material will be captured and converted.  Motion Office dramatically contributes to reduction of noise bleed in open plan environments!

  • 2000mm high panels
  • Optional with or without table – finished in lacquered white or solid beech – Motion Round Table
  • Quickship Option : exterior charcoal grey, interior stone grey
  • 8-12 week lead time for any colour combination!
  • Felt colours available : charcoal grey, stone grey, ash grey, deep blue, ice blue, emerald green, avocado green, bumblebee yellow, sunset orange and chilli red
Robyn Skeates Office Interiors