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Exchange Pod

Developed in collaboration with award winning firm Revolution Fibres, the Return Focus Pod features Phonix nanofibre as an acoustic substrate designed to enhance the absorptive features of the soft walls.  Using thousands of layers of nanofibre in a proprietary composite, the unit aims to improve passive acoustic performance in the mid frequency ranges associated with voice related sounds.

Internally routed cable management facilitates power and data solutions built into the work surface.

Well what does that mean?!

With the current trend moving towards large open plan offices and collaborative bench desks not going away, staff and management still need spaces which are quiet where you can’t overhear your colleagues’ problems.   Enter the Exchange Pod – a space to make important phone calls without the office overhearing you.

  • 1000mm wide x 720mm deep x 1800mm high
  • Worktop surface finished in Melteca in selected colour choices
  • Felted wool upholstery to interior & exterior – looks great in contrasted fabric colours
  • Custom sizing on request
  • New Zealand made!  Shorter leadtimes than imported models
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