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Link Wall Mount Phone Booth

Link Phone Booths provide workers with a small private space to make phone/video calls. A standing height table top provides space for laptops or notebooks if necessary.

Motion Office panels have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.76 which means that 76% of the sound wave entering into the material will be captured and converted.  Motion Office dramatically contributes to reduction of noise bleed in open plan environments!

  • Lacquered white or solid beech bench top
  • Quickship Option : exterior charcoal grey, interior stone grey
  • 8-12 week lead time for any colour combination!
  • Felt colours available : charcoal grey, stone grey, ash grey, deep blue, ice blue, emerald green, avocado green, bumblebee yellow, sunset orange and chilli red
  • Freestanding version, Link Phone Booth
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