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Agile Winder Desk

The Agile Winder Desk is an affordable and stylish option for a sit-to-stand desk.  With a strong durable metal frame, available in silver, white or black with a simple wind-up height adjustment.

Don’t throw away your chair!

Standing for your entire eight hour shift from day one might be a little intense.  Try easing into if possible.  Stand for 2 hours, sit for 30 minutes or an hour, repeat.  Or whatever is most comfortable for you – the key is comfort and doing what is best for your body type, health condition, and personal work scenario.

Top tip :

Have a pair of comfortable flats under your desk and change shoes when standing.  We would not recommend using your highrise desk with high heeled shoes.

Three standard sizes :

  • 1800mm wide x 800mm deep
  • 1500mm wide x 800mm deep
  • 1200mm wide x 700mm deep
  • Adjustable height range 705mm – 1185mm
  • Custom length / depths available
  • Standard top colours : white, silver and Nordic Maple
  • Other top colours availble  – please just ask!
  • Also available as a shared frame
  • Also available as a Fixed and Electric frame


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