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Office Interior Design Trends 2018 – Unconventional Meets Commercial

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Office Interior Design Trends 2018 – Unconventional Meets Commercial

Unconventional meets commercial office interior design trends in 2018. Just take a look at this hive of activity in Austin, Texas – is Auckland next?

Design is constantly changing and that’s not surprising considering the evolution of the world. Not only does life influence interior design, but the design of spaces can also influence the way we live. This is particularly true for Office Interiors, and workspace design.

The Hive - Commercial Interior Design Trends 2018

Bumble Offices – Austin, Texas, United States.Photography: Casey Dunn

The Bumble Offices in Austin, Texas, designed by Mark Odom Studio, is a fantastic example of many of the popular Office Interior and Commercial Interior Design trends. A major focus for the Architects at Mark Odom Studio, was to make a “lifestyle-focused environment a reality.” The inclusion of comfortable and inviting sofas and armchairs merges the boundaries between home and office, while also creating comfortable spaces for staff to relax.

This interior fit-out also effectively uses colour to not only differentiate between spaces, and express particular emotions throughout the fit-out, but also expresses the brands internationally recognised logo. Bumble has a fun and outgoing disposition, and the bright yellow, paired with other bright, warm and cheerful hues, makes this very evident. Let’s look at some Interior Design trends for Modern Office and Commercial Interiors in 2018:

Whether you’re setting up a new office and can start with a new fit-out, or completing an office renovation/refurbishment, all of these design ideas can be easily incorporated into your interior space. New high quality office furniture may be all you need to freshen up your workspace and improve employee’s moods and productivity.

Unconventional workspaces – Traditionally commercial interiors were filled with separate offices, where each employee had their own private space to work, and then modern offices transitioned into Open Plan workspaces, and pod-desking became very popular office furniture. From this movement stemmed the idea of unconventional workspaces. Breakout zones, and collaborative workspaces give the opportunity for colleagues to come together in unplanned encounters. The idea of hot-desking is also becoming increasingly popular as staff have more flexibility in their hours, and the technological advances eliminate the need for paper, which in turn reduces the amount of work surfaces required. In a modern office, it is also allows for users to bring their own devices and work from almost anywhere (ie: commute to/from work or while enjoying their morning coffee at the café down the road).

Following on from this comes the merge of home and work. Not only is working from home, or having more flexible hours becoming more common, particularly in Auckland Offices, but the Office Interior Design incorporates elements of home and living throughout.

It’s all about making office interiors feel more comfortable and homely. Office Furniture is a fantastic way to do this; comfy couches and relaxed soft seating, mini fridges, showers, and for larger companies a café or games room are all great ways to help create a workplace that people want to be.

This also highlights the importance of non-working spaces, where staff can leave their office desks and relax and eat. Breakout seating zones, collaborative bar leaners and staff lunchrooms are products that should feature in all modern office interiors. Similar to having homely and cosy spaces, these furniture pieces will be sure to improve the mood and productivity within commercial workplaces.

Dynamic Spaces is not exactly a new trend but a commercial interior design movement that is constantly evolving. Dynamic spaces are moveable and interchangeable, which allows staff to work in ways that best suit them. The popularity of the flexibility and freedom of these spaces, which often involve the concept of co-working or collaboration, will continue to rise. Under-utilised meeting rooms could then serve as breakout space or a bar leaner can be used for dining as well as casual group meetings. This furniture trend makes more efficient use of space, which is important when many businesses are currently pushing for growth, but struggling for physical space. Other examples are operable/movable walls or mobile/flip tables which can be stacked and stored away to create a more open floorplan.

Another commercial design trend which stems from the millennials and the changing of the times is the incorporation of technology throughout office interiors. Whether this be the inclusion of docking stations, integrated powerpoints, data and/or USB ports, we now recommend softwiring to all of our clients, particularly those working in a collaborative or open plan office environment. The rise in technology has allowed staff to work from anywhere in the office, creating functional collaborative and breakout zones.

The importance of colour –It is also becoming increasingly popular for companies to use colour to express their brand values, company logo or for particular symbolism/imagery that represents the overall company. The Office architecture should help to share the story to inspire the employees or the community. Colour can also be used throughout Office Interiors to impact mood or generate particular feelings from the staff. It is said that certain colours express calm and peacefulness which is said to increase work productivity, so could be most effectively used in the workspaces, while a happy and brighter colour may be used in the breakout zones to improve employees moods while they take a well-deserved break.

As you can see, design is constantly changing, and these trends may not resonate with your company or how your office needs to operate. We firmly believe that workplace design needs to reflect that of the specific company – there is no one size fits all solution. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your unique needs are met, no matter what trend they follow.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, then please phone our friendly team at Robyn Skeates Office Interiors today for a free consultation and we will help you to make your Office Interior the best it can be.

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