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Colosseum Booths

The Colosseum is a modular system able to provide ample seating for larger groups in a semi-private setting.  Created as an arena to provide a way for colleagues to gather as a team to network together, it can be organised around a central point, such as a screen, table or presenter.

The Colosseum can be set up for presentations capable of seating up to 18 people.  This is a great method of seating for social gatherings or semi-private meetings.

The flexible system allows you to move modular pieces into a variation of configurations with ease.



Comfortable, ergonomic seating. Standing or seated work tables can be added to the exterior for more space. The wall sections have provisions within the frame to mount any combination of tables or seats on either side.


Upholstered banquettes and booths are a worthwhile investment for any commercial seating area and can enhance both the visual ‘warmth’ of a space, and the acoustic environment.

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