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5 Tips For A Successful Office Fitout In New Zealand

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5 Tips For A Successful Office Fitout In New Zealand



The biggest concerns most New Zealand businesses have regarding an office fit out is the budget and disruption to work. There are many factors to consider when deciding on an office fitout. These include effective space utilisation, flexibility and scope for further expansion/ changes, workspace settings, time required, budget, branding, design, specialist lighting, acoustics and more. Whatever be the complexity involved, the desired outcome is mostly the same – maximise efficiency and lift the mood for the staff, clients and visitors.

Based on our experience in the New Zealand office fit out market, we have picked 5 tips to share with you. This is mostly from the perspective of creating or remodelling the office for better usable space, design and furniture.

Focus on the Employee Experience

Particularly over the past few years there has been a trend towards agile offices. While it may be early for many New Zealand businesses to move from assigned seating for employees to activity-based workspaces, the underlying design principle is that the office space is a reflection of your company culture and a proactive response to current and future employee needs.

A positive employee experience leads to higher engagement and productivity which results in more satisfied clients and better business results. It is expected that in another 5 years, majority of the workforce will be made up of Gen X and Gen Y. The companies that are likely to attract and retain the best talent are those who are refreshing their office space for a better employee experience. These can include open plan areas, multi-tasking workstations, sound-proof office pods, breakout areas, customised modular furniture and social areas with facilities that promote employee health and wellbeing.

Optimise Office Space

A complete office fit out is the best opportunity to optimise office space layout. However many businesses are not in a position to do so and prefer to refresh few areas. Few popular fit outs in New Zealand currently are of the reception area, breakout area, boardroom, kitchen and storage. Flexible and collaborative work spaces enable to plan for increased employees as the business grows.

Even a small office space can be optimised creatively with multipurpose furniture, custom-made storage solutions, open plan layout, transparent partitions, acoustic office pods, booths and work hubs, etc. A specialist office fit out company is able to identify effective opportunities in both hard fit outs and soft fit outs, irrespective of the size of the office space and the extent of the work involved.

Greenery and Natural Lighting

New Zealand is popular for the outdoors and we enjoy our natural surroundings. Why not let more of it indoors and enhance the physical work environment? Offices tend to have the window blinds closed to avoid the glare from the sun. With measures such as better window design, window glazing, repositioning work stations, well placed mirrors, glass partitions and open office design, natural light can be better used. Not only does this reduce energy costs, it also creates the illusion of a larger space and has a positive impact on employees.

Including greenery in the office interiors has similar benefits to more natural lights. Both contribute to more alertness, increased productivity, reduced stress, higher creativity and of course more oxygen.

Rejuvenate Your Business

The office environment influences the way employees think, act, create and collaborate. As mentioned earlier, the face of the work force is changing fast with an increased requirement of workspace flexibility and mobility. The company culture should adapt to these changes and tap into the potential that the next generations can offer to business growth.

A fit out not only rejuvenates the office environment, but can also contribute to reinventing the business. Integral to change management in an organisation is the transformation of the workplace to physically reflect the desired change and facilitate employees in adapting to the change. Employees feel appreciated and involved when provided with work spaces that makes it easier to enjoy their job and be more productive.

Quality Office Furniture

First impressions count, not just when a prospective client walks in through your office doors, but even when your employees come into work each day. Starting with the reception area to office desks, office chairs, meeting room furniture and break out area, quality furniture contributes to creating the right environment, lifting the mood and ensuring employee well-being.

With open plan office spaces on the increase, office furniture aesthetics and functionality do not need to any longer be at odds. The design, colour, materials and customisation of your office furniture can communicate the essence and personality of your brand and inspire employees and visitors. Current popular furniture choices by New Zealand businesses include standing desks, sit-stand workstations, bean bags, ergonomic seating, saddle chairs, acoustic office pods and smart storage solutions.


Whatever be the concerns, the big picture reality is that an office fit out managed by a specialist company such as Office Interiors is highly beneficial by using the workspace in an optimal manner with valuable time and money saved. Further a fit-out specialist can work with you to future-proof your office, comply with health and safety requirements and provide peace of mind from start to finish.

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